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How much influence does Iran wield in Iraq?

Angry Iraqi protesters set fire to the Iranian consulate in the city of Najaf in a clear anti-Tehran escalation.

After months of violent anti-government protests in Iraq, anger has turned towards neighbouring Iran.

Demonstrators stormed the Iranian consulate in the holy city of Najaf – before setting fire to it on Wednesday.

A number of people were killed in the crackdown that followed, adding to the hundreds who have died in the last two months of protests.

It is the strongest expression of anti-Iranian sentiment in months – with demonstrators accusing Tehran of supporting the government they’re trying to fight.

It comes after similar attacks on Iranian properties in Karbala earlier this month and in Basra last year.

So, will Iran review its role in Iraq?

Presenter: Adrian Finighan


Saad Jawad – Middle East Centre at the London School of Economics

Salah Hashimi – Legal adviser to the National Council for the Iraqi Opposition 

Fouad Izadi – Professor at the Faculty of World Studies, Tehran University