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Is Bolivia heading for more unrest?

Tension in Bolivia after Evo Morales resigned as president and Jeanine Anez declared herself the interim leader.

Bolivia’s leadership is in turmoil following the sudden resignation of its president, Evo Morales, who has fled the country after weeks of protests over a disputed October election.

Senate leader Jeanine Anez declared herself interim president in the Congress on Tuesday despite a lack of a quorum to appoint her in a legislative session that was boycotted by legislators from Morales’ left-wing party.

Anez claimed the post anyway and the United States has shown its support, but her critics are calling it a coup. 

So, is this the beginning of another crisis in Bolivia? And how is it being seen across Latin America?

Presenter: Sami Zeidan


Wim Kamerbeek-Romero – Political analyst and adviser to the left-leaning Chuquisaca Somos Todos (We Are All Chuquisaca) party in Sucre

Dimitry Babich – Political analyst at the Russian news agency, Rossiya Sevodnya

Kathryn Ledebur – Director of the Andean Information Network, a political and social justice think-tank in Bolivia