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Can Egypt and Ethiopia resolve their dispute over water?

Disagreements over Africa’s largest dam project raise fears of conflict.

Water is often said to be the source of life, and it is increasingly becoming the source of conflict in various parts of the world.

The building of the largest hydroelectric dam in Africa has reignited a dispute about its longest river, the Nile.

Ethiopia says the five-billion-dollar Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam near the border with Sudan will be a massive boost to the economy.

Egypt fears that will be at its expense, and reduce its share of Nile water.

Egypt has condemned comments from Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed – this year’s Nobel Peace Prize winner – that the dispute could lead to war.

So how should one of our most vital resources be managed?

Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra


Ahmed Almufti – Former Sudanese negotiator, Nile Waters Agreement

William Davison – Senior analyst on Ethiopia, International Crisis Group

Allam Ahmed – Professor of knowledge management and sustainable development, University of East London