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Why are Iraqis protesting against the government?

Biggest demonstrations since PM Adel Abdul Mahdi came to power last year.

Iraq‘s barely year-old government is being forced to deal with the largest nationwide protests since taking over.

Riot police contained demonstrators in the capital, Baghdad, on Wednesday, 24 hours after bullets and tear gas shells were fired.

At least three people died and hundreds of others were injured in Baghdad as well as other cities.

The mostly young protesters are angry at high levels of corruption, unemployment, and poor public services.

Are Iraq’s leaders listening? And why is the government unable to deliver?

Presenter: Folly Bah Thibault


Ali al-Nashmi – political analyst and specialist on the modern history of Iraq

Judit Neurink – political analyst and founder of the Independent Media Centre in Kurdistan

Yusuf Alabarda – Middle East analyst