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How can the political crisis in Venezuela be solved?

Venezuela’s political crisis has escalated dramatically in the past few days.

After years of turmoil, Venezuela’s political crisis has escalated dramatically over the past few days.

The head of the opposition-controlled National Assembly Juan Guaido declared himself interim president after the biggest protests against President Nicolas Maduro in two years.

The US, Canada and much of Latin America quickly threw their support behind Guaido.

But Maduro said he wasn’t going anywhere and ordered US diplomats to leave the country by Sunday.

What will this mean for Venezuela’s deep economic and political crisis?


Presenter: Laura Kyle


Paul Dobson – Journalist for Venezuela Analysis

Leopoldo Martinez – Former Venezuelan congressman and president of The Center for Democracy and Development in the Americas.

Christopher Sabatini – Executive director of the Global Americans think-tank and editor of Latin America Goes Global