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Can the EU bypass US sanctions on Iran?

European leaders have been trying to figure out a way to protect their companies after US pulled out of nuclear deal.

When it was signed in 2015, the Iran nuclear agreement was hailed as a landmark deal.

But with the US withdrawal earlier this year and threats of punishing those who do business with Tehran, European leaders have been left trying to figure out a way to protect their companies and save the agreement.

The Trump administration says it will reimpose some of its toughest sanctions on Iran in November.

That has led some companies to abandon their plans in Iran.

The Europeans say they are setting up a new payments mechanism that will allow companies to continue trading goods and oil with Iran.

Russia and China support the plan but it’s not clear how it will work.

So, can companies and traders withstand the US response?

Presenter: Elizabeth Puranam


Remi Bourgeot – economist at the French Institute of International & Strategic Affairs

Mamdouh Salameh – international oil economist

Christopher Balding – analyst on the Chinese economy and associate professor at the Fulbright University Vietnam