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Will the world’s oil supply continue to flow out of the Gulf?

The world’s oil supply might be at risk if Iran decides to stop all oil exports from the Gulf.

US President Donald Trump‘s nuclear reaction is threatening to turn off the taps of the world’s major oil supply. The White House is threatening countries which import Iranian oil to stop shipments by November – or face US sanctions.

If that happens – the Iranians are vowing to stop all oil exports from the Gulf, including from the number one supplier Saudi Arabia.

Foreign ministers from France, Germany, Britain, China and Russia are expected to meet Iranian diplomats on Friday.

In Vienna, they’ll be discussing how to salvage the 2015 Iran nuclear deal which Trump withdrew from two months ago.

Presenter: Adrian Finighan


Mamdouh Salameh – Author: Over a Barrel, and oil and energy expert

Hamed Mousavi – Professor of political science, University of Tehran Sami

Hamdi – Editor, International Interest magazine