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The burning frustration of the Palestinian people

Why do so many Palestinians believe Arab nations are not doing enough to end their plight?

Leaders of the Muslim world met in Turkey for an extraordinary summit of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Their aim was to send a message of solidarity to the Palestinian people and to focus on their suffering.

The meeting in Istanbul coincided with the Arab League calling for an international criminal investigation into the killing of dozens of Palestinians by Israeli soldiers in Gaza.

Representatives from more than 50 Muslim-majority nations were at the OIC summit.

Despite the sense of unity, many Palestinians do not fully embrace the support.

Their levels of frustration have risen yet again; many believe Arab leaders are not doing enough to confront Israel and the United States.

Are they right?


Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom.


Ibrahim Fraihat – associate professor in international conflict resolution, Doha Institute for Graduate Studies

Ahmed Al-Burai – columnist and Middle East political commentator

Khalil Jahshan – executive director, Arab Centre Washington DC, former Middle East analyst at Pepperdine University