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Are Palestinian journalists being targeted by Israeli snipers?

With two journalists dead and at least 12 others injured, international criticism of Israeli tactics grows.

Thousands of journalists around the world are on the front lines of important stories, often risking a lot to bring us the facts while trying hard not to become part of the story themselves.

But some Palestinian journalists are accusing Israel of “deliberately” targeting them as they cover the ongoing protests at the Gaza border.

In just five short weeks, two Palestinian journalists have been killed by Israeli snipers and at least 12 others injured.

Israel denies it is targeting reporters. But it is facing international criticism for using heavy-handed tactics.

People in Gaza have been under Israeli blockade for years, and many are unemployed.

The weeks-long protests along the Israeli security fence appear to be escalating since they began nearly a month ago.

So, are Palestinian journalists being targeted?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Sami Abu Salem a journalist who is a member of the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate

Asaf Ronel  head of the foreign news desk at Israel’s Haaretz newspaper

Elisabeth Witchel Committee to Protect Journalists