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Is Saudi Arabia more vulnerable to Houthi attacks from Yemen?

Houthi rebels fired seven missiles deep into Saudi territory on Sunday – warning there is more to come.

Three years after launching air attacks in Yemen, Saudi Arabia is under attack. Houthi rebels targeted Riyadh and three other Saudi cities as they step up their response to the Saudi-led campaign in Yemen.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman defends his country’s military intervention in the conflict in 2015, saying “the options are between bad and worse”.

After three years the situation could not be any worse. About 10,000 killed in the fighting, thousands more dead from the worst recorded outbreak of cholera, and millions facing famine.

The UN calls Yemen the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. And the complex relationships and divisions of all those involved in the conflict make any hope of a settlement even more remote.

Presenter: Elizabeth Puranam


Mohammed Jumeh columnist and editor, Al Quds newspaper

Adam Baron  visiting fellow, European Council on Foreign Relations

Suze van Meegen  protection and advocacy adviser, The Norwegian Refugee Council