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A new flash point between Israel, Syria and Iran

Tensions flare up after Israel shot down a suspected Iranian drone and Syria downed an Israeli warplane.

An Israeli fighter jet crashes after a suspected Iranian drone is shot down.

The spillover from the civil war in Syria to neighbouring countries is not new, but an Israeli warplane being shot down by Syrian air defences is a first.

The F-16 fighter jet crashed after what the Israeli army says was massive anti-aircraft fire. Syria said it was responding to Israeli aggression.

The downing of the F-16 followed the shooting down of an Iranian drone for what Israel said was a violation of its sovereignty in the occupied Golan Heights.

Also on Saturday, Syrian air defences reported repelling two Israeli raids on military bases.

So where will this escalation lead?

Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra


Mohammad Marandi – University of Tehran

Neri Zilber – The Washington Institute For Near East Policy

Mamoun Abu Nowar – Retired general, Royal Jordanian Air Force