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Will Sudan’s Bashir survive the protests?

Public anger is growing in Sudan over rising food prices, with violent protests taking place across the country.

Sudan lost most of its oil revenues when the South seceded in 2011, and it has since struggled to recover.

Inflation has skyrocketed, prices have more than doubled and the value of the Sudanese pound has plunged.

Protests against the worsening situation started on Wednesday in the eastern region, quickly spilling over across the country and reaching capital Khartoum.

The government of Omar al-Bashir reacted to demands for resignation by imposing curfews and a state of emergency.

But is that the answer?

And how much of a threat are these protests to Bashir’s regime?

Presenter: Richelle Carey


Faisal Muhammed Saleh – political analyst and former director of programmes at Teeba Press 

Abdelwahab El-Affendi – professor of politics at the Doha Institute

Douglas Johnson – author of South Sudan, A New History for a New Nation