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Can Macron survive the biggest challenge to his presidency?

Barricades burn in Paris for a third successive week as calls grow for the president to resign.

The Arc de Triomphe daubed with graffiti. The Champs Elysee cloaked in clouds of tear gas. It’s becoming a familiar story in Paris.

The famous sights of the French capital turned into battlegrounds for the third successive weekend.

“Yellow Vest” protesters are again venting their fury at the rising price of keeping their cars on the road.

And there are increasing calls for President Emmanuel Macron to resign.

Facing the biggest challenge to his 18-month presidency, he flew home from the G20 summit in Argentina for an emergency government meeting.

It’s not just next month’s proposed fuel tax rise which is infuriating many, falling living standards are too.

So, how can Macron calm the rising anger?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Anne Giudicelli – Chief executive, Terrorisc Consultancy

Remi Bourgeot – Economist, French Institute of International and Strategic Affairs

David Lees – Lecturer in French Studies, University of Warwick