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Is Yemen on the path to inevitable partition?

Yemen appears on the verge of further disintegration as separatists seek to carve out their own state in the south.

Yemen appears on the verge of disintegration, with three major factions now battling over its fate. Most recently, the internationally recognised government has been forced from its headquarters by separatists seeking to carve out their own state in the south.

This is a major blow to President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, who was already battling Houthi rebels in the north. It also signals divisions in the Saudi-led coalition, whose support is essential to Hadi’s war effort.

Saudi Arabia backs Hadi, but its ally, the United Arab Emirates, has thrown its weight behind the southern separatists.

So, where do these latest events leave the ongoing war in Yemen?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Baraa Shiban, Yemen project coordinator for the international human rights group, Reprieve.

Nabeel Khoury, former Deputy Chief of Mission with the US embassy in Yemen.