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What to do about North Korea?

The world is wrestling with the threat posed by the country’s most powerful nuclear bomb test yet.

North Korea’s latest and biggest nuclear bomb test to date has caused an earthquake in China and Russia – and the political shockwave has reached around the world.

US President Donald Trump described North Korea as a “rogue nation” that continues to be “very hostile and dangerous to the United States”.

South Korea has started live-fire drills to “strongly warn” its northern neighbour, and the UN Security Council held its second emergency meeting in a week.

But stiff sanctions have already been imposed – without stopping missiles being launched or test bombs being detonated.

So, what now? And does a military response risk starting another world war?

Presenter: Jane Dutton


Isaac Stone Fish – Center on US-China Relations

Victor Gao – China National Association of International Studies

Robert Kelly – International relations specialist