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Will election annulment strengthen Kenya’s democracy?

Supreme Court decision to declare last month’s presidential election result ‘null and void’ is unprecedented in Africa.

The president of Kenya has reacted to the Supreme Court’s annulment of his re-election by saying there is a “problem” with the judiciary, which must be “fixed”.

Uhuru Kenyatta has also described the judges as crooks and thugs.

His rival Raila Odinga – who complained last month’s vote was rigged – is calling for leaders of the election commission to face criminal charges.

It has been ordered to rerun the election in the next two months, and pressure is mounting on the commission to ensure a fair vote.

What is next for Kenya? And will the surprise decision by judges strengthen democracy in Kenya?

Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra


Kimani Ichungwa – Jubilee party MP

Alex Vines – head of Africa programme at the Chatham House

Paul Mwangi – political adviser to Raila Odinga