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Who deserves the Nobel Peace Prize?

One of the world’s most prestigious prizes honouring peacemakers will be announced on October 6.

No less than 318 people and organisations are nominated for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

The nominations are supposed to be secret, but the White Helmets search-and-rescuers in Syria, Pope Francis, and US President Donald Trump are expected to be on the list.

Previous winners have been controversial, including Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama, Vietnam war figure Henry Kissinger, and now Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi.

Who are the other questionable winners from the past?


Adrian Finighan


Fredrik Heffermehl – author of “Nobel Peace Prize: What Nobel Really Wanted”

Rohan Jayasekera – journalist and editor at Vivarta digital media news organisation

Azeem Ibrahim – senior fellow at the Centre for Global Policy, and author of “The Rohingyas: Inside Myanmar’s Hidden Genocide”