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What is driving India closer to Israel?

Narendra Modi is in Israel for the first such visit by a sitting Indian prime minister.

Narendra Modi has become the first sitting Indian prime minister to visit Israel

India has long promoted a pro-Arab agenda and downplayed relations with Israel, in fear of alienating its large Muslim population and upsetting economic ties with Arab states.

Modi’s two-day trip marks a significant warming of relations since Israel and India established full diplomatic ties 25 years ago.

Modi was welcomed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday. The Indian leader, who met Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in New Delhi in May, will not visit Ramallah during this trip.

India is one of the world’s biggest importers of defence equipment, while Israel has become one if its largest suppliers.

What is behind this warming of relations between Israel and India?

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Akiva Eldar – Political columnist with Al-Monitor

Chetan Sharma – Economic affairs analyst

Kadira Pethiyagoda – Visiting fellow with Brookings Doha Center