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What’s behind the latest crisis in the Philippines?

President Rodrigo Duterte has imposed martial law in Mindanao to eliminate the risk of ‘contamination’ by ISIL.

The Philippine government has declared martial law in the southern Mindanao region where its military has been battling fighters linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS).

For millions of Filipinos the term “martial law” often conjures up the military rule of former leader Ferdinand Marcos.

But President Rodrigo Duterte says it is necessary to end “contamination” by ISIL.

The city of Marawi has been under siege by armed groups since a military raid on Tuesday.

What is next for the government?

Presenter: Richelle Carey


Brigadier-General Restituto Padilla – spokesman for the Philippine military

Richard Heydarian – professor of political science at De La Salle University, Manila

Anders Corrs – principal of Corr Analytics

Harry Roque – member of the 17th Congress of the Philippines and a human rights advocate