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Who is to blame for the massive ransomware attack?

A virus demands money from Windows users in 99 countries as banks, hospitals and well-known companies are affected.

An estimated 75,000 computers in 99 countries have been infected by what is being called the biggest attack of its kind in history.

It is a computer virus called WannaCry. By exploiting a bug in the Windows operating system, malicious software known as ransomware locks computers and demands money to restore access.

Major organisations affected include Britain’s National Health Service, French car maker Renault, international shipper FedEx, and Russia’s banks and interior ministry, as well as the Spanish telecoms company Telefonica.

Should the world be worried by the rise in ransomware?

Presenter: Martine Dennis


Marco Cova – Security researcher

Robert Pritchard – Cybersecurity expert and associate fellow at RUSI

Jennifer Pybus – Senior lecturer at the University of the Arts London