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Will France’s Francois Fillon be forced to step aside?

Former prime minister is under pressure to quit the French presidential bid amid a corruption scandal.

Francois Fillon is vowing to stay in the election race despite a scandal that could end his dreams of becoming France’s next president.

He was once the frontrunner, but Fillion could now face a formal investigation for misuse of public funds over his wife’s pay.

Penelope Fillon says she did carry out parliamentary work for her husband, for which she was paid and says “everything was legal and declared”.

But despite a string of resignations and calls for him to quit, the former prime minister says he is staying put.

Where does this display of defiance leave him and the mainstream right in France?

Presenter: Hazem Sika


Renaud Girard – French journalist and chief foreign correspondent at Le Figaro newspaper

Remi Piet – research associate at University of Miami