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What is next for Zimbabwe?

Hopes running high for Zimbabweans following Robert Mugabe’s resignation.

Robert Mugabe led Zimbabwe ever since the country was born 37 years ago.

The African nationalist supported the fight for freedom from British colonial rule, then was a political prisoner during white minority rule in the 1970s.

After independence was achieved in 1980, the prime minister-turned-president implemented social and economic policies – for better or worse.

Critics say he has been a brutal dictator who rose to power when the country was known as the “jewel and breadbasket of Africa” and has left it in economic ruins.

His resignation provoked mass celebrations.

The world’s oldest head of state finally accepted it was time to go as members of parliament debated his impeachment.

But what difference will the historic events and a new leader make?

Presenter: Adrian Finighan


Tino Bere Human rights advocate

Chude Jideonwo African affairs analyst and author of How to Win Elections in Africa

Heike Schmidt Associate professor of modern African history, University of Reading