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What’s next for Uzbekistan?

President Islam Karimov died this week after suffering a stroke.

Islam Karimov was Uzbekistan’s first and only president. He led the Central Asian country for more than 25 years, brushing off accusations of authoritarianism and brutality.

For many citizens, Karimov represented stability. He defined what it meant to be an Uzbek.

Karimov died this week, at the age of 78, after suffering a stroke. His funeral was held on Saturday in his hometown of Samarkand.

What comes next remains unclear. Elections will be held in the next few months, but given Uzbekistan’s history, they are not expected to be free or fair.

What will his death mean for Uzbekistan and the region?

Presenter: Richelle Carey


Peter Zalmayev – Director of the Eurasia Democracy Initiative.

Marcus Papadopoulos – Editor of Politics First Magazine.

Andrew Stroehlein – European Media Director at Human Rights Watch.