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Could the latest deal on Syria bring peace?

US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov agree to a cessation of hostilities in Syria

Five years of fighting, hundreds of thousands of people killed, and millions displaced. Despite several rounds of talks to end the conflict in Syria, the war continues. But now the US and Russia, which back different sides, have agreed on a plan.

It includes a seven-day ceasefire, and, if that goes well, a new military partnership.

The optimist might say this is a chance to move towards ending the war, and renewing efforts for a political transition.

The pessimist, though, would say we have been here before too many times.

Could this latest deal end the fighting in Syria?

Presenter: Kamahl Santamaria


Rim Turkmani – senior research fellow at the London School of Economics

Bassma Kodmani – negotiator for the Syrian Opposition High Negotiations Committee

Afzal Ashraf – visiting fellow at the University of Nottingham Centre for Conflict, Security and Terrorism