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Can Turkey and Russia be allies?

Ties between the two countries have been strained since Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet last November.

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has arrived in Russia. His visit is widely seen as an attempt to improve relations between the two countries after months of tensions.

Erdogan’s government is still dealing with the aftermath of last month’s failed coup. But it says relations with Russia are important – particularly in the continuing efforts to bring a solution to the war in Syria.

The visit comes at a time when Turkey’s ties with the European Union and the US appear to be cooling off. Erdogan has been criticised over his huge crackdown on thousands of alleged coup plotters. Turkey says it’s not turning its back on the West.

But how will the West react to Turkish and Russian rapprochement?

Presenter: Richelle Carey


Mark Sleboda, international relations and security analyst.

Margaret Coker, Turkey bureau chief for The Wall Street Journal.

Ahmet Han, associate professor of international relations at Kadir Has University.