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Can Kashmir anger be a turning point?

India extends a strict curfew over the restive region as separatist leaders call for more protests.

Mid-August is a time of celebration across most of India, as people commemorate the country’s independence.

But in the northern region of Kashmir, this time of year often means heightened security and stifled expression. And this year is worse than usual.

After a decade of relative stability, Kashmir has experienced more than a month of violence – triggered by the death of a prominent Kashmiri separatist, Burhan Wani. He was killed by Indian soldiers on July 8.

And Kashmiris across the region took to the streets in protest.

Police swiftly imposed a curfew. Mobile networks have been suspended intermittently for the past month. 

And India’s security forces have been accused of using unnecessary force. More than 50 protesters have been killed since July.

So, what is the solution to this latest crisis? And what will the Indian government do to address the grievances of Kashmiris?

Presenter: Folly Bah Thibault


Hafsa Kanjwal – Kashmiri graduate scholar at the University of Michigan

Vivek Katju – retired Indian Foreign Service officer who has previously represented India in Kashmiri dialogue with Pakistan

Kavita Krishnan – Social rights activist as well as secretary of the All India Progressive Women’s Association