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What’s behind the IOC’s decision on Russia?

The International Olympic Committee has rejected recommendations to ban Russia from Rio Olympics.

Many are accusing the International Olympic Committee of not taking decisive action against Russia for its alleged state-sponsored doping programme.

The summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro are just a few weeks away. But hundreds of Russian athletes still don’t know whether they’ll be competing.

The International Olympic Committee was expected to impose a blanket ban on Russia. But instead the organisation announced on Sunday that Russian athletes will be individually drug-tested and scrutinised before they can be cleared for competition.

Thomas Bach, IOC president, says the plan is ambitious but necessary.

So what’s behind the IOC’s decision on Russia?

Presenter: Dareen Abughaida


Vladimir Mikheev – Independent analyst with the Troika Report Project.

John Goodbody – Freelance sports reporter for The Sunday Times.

Aurel Braun – Professor of International Relations and Political Science at the University of Toronto.