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Is Sadiq Khan the face of multicultural Britain?

Labour’s Khan became the first Muslim mayor of London comfortably beating his Conservative rival Zac Goldsmith.

Voters in London have made history by electing the Labour party’s Sadiq Khan as their mayor, giving him the largest political mandate in British history with more than 1.3m votes.

The son of a bus driver who emigrated from Pakistan became the first Muslim mayor of a Western capital after a bruising and hard-fought campaign.

His Conservative rival Zac Goldsmith was criticised for attempting to link Khan to Muslim extremists, a move condemned by many within his own party.

But given Khan’s margin of victory, voters seem to have rejected the negative campaigning.

Khan has now promised to be a mayor for all Londoners but will his victory set an example for the rest of Europe?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Anita Vasisht – Immigration Lawyer, who filed a complaint to police about the Conservative Mayoral Campaign.

Talha Ahmad – Spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain.

Joe Twyman – Head of Political Research for Europe at YouGov.