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Has the Nigerian president delivered on his promises?

How much has changed in Africa’s leading economy since Muhammadu Buhari took office 12 months ago?

A year of triumph, consolidation, pains and achievements is how Muhammadu Buhari describes his first year in office.

In an anniversary speech on Sunday, the Nigerian president promised to boost the economy, eliminate corruption, improve infrastructure and defeat Boko Haram.

These promises are similar to the pledges made in his presidential election campaign.

Buhari inherited several problems from the previous government when he took over a year ago.

Since then, a new threat has emerged, which is attacking the heart of the economy.

The Niger Delta Avengers are an armed group sabotaging pipelines in southern Nigeria, home to most oil and gas fields.

The Avengers are demanding more of the national oil revenue to benefit the population of the poor and polluted Delta region.

How will he deal with the threat and the many problems Nigerians face?

Presenter: Martine Dennis


Lai Mohammed, Nigerian minister of information.

Donu Kogbara, Nigerian journalist and former member of the presidential committee on oil & gas.

Manji Cheto, Nigerian security consultant and political risk analyst.