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Is Syria’s army gearing up for all-out Aleppo assault?

There have been three days of continued air strikes in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

It’s already one of the most devastated cities in Syria.

But Aleppo has seen a dramatic escalation of fighting over the past few days.

A series of air strikes have killed at least 200 people this week alone.

Activists say the Syrian government has launched at least 20 air strikes since Wednesday, which have hit two hospitals in Aleppo.

Rebels also attacked a mosque in a government-held part of the city, killing at least 15 people. And the war is nowhere near to its end, as talks in Switzerland have stalled.

Government troops have been gathering around the city.

And aid agencies are now warning that Aleppo is on the brink of a humanitarian disaster.

How bad have things got for the remaining residents of Aleppo?

And what does the latest government offensive mean for peace efforts?


Sami Zeidan


Oubai Shahbandar – Senior Communications Adviser with Qorvis MSLGroup.

Simon Mabon – Lecturer in International Relations and Government at Lancaster University.

Vladimir Mikheev – Independent Analyst with the Troika Report Project.