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Does Britain belong in Europe?

Cameron is renegotiating terms for the UK to stay in the European Union, but voters may have the last word.

British Prime Minister David Cameron is renegotiating terms for the UK to stay in the European Union, but voters may have the last word.

The British have never been completely sold on the European project.

As countries elsewhere on the continent moved towards greater political and economic integration, many Britons remain sceptical at best.

At worst, they are mistrustful of the increasing say bureaucrats in Brussels have over how they run their affairs.

And in just a few months’ time, the British people could be asked to decide in a nationwide referendum: Should they stay in the union, or leave?

To persuade the doubters, Cameron has been trying to secure changes to the UK’s relationship with the EU. Some of these are highly controversial among other EU members.

As that deal is negotiated, Inside Story asks what Brexit – a British exit – would mean for the UK and for the European project.

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Matthew Goodwin – Visiting Senior Fellow, Chatham House

Daniel Hannan – Conservative Member of the European Parliament

London, Nina Schick – Policy Analyst, Open Europe