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Is mental health care being neglected?

New UK mental health report says most vulnerable aren’t receiving adequate help.

Mental health care is so poor in England that people’s lives are being ruined.
That’s the message from a review set up by the National Health Service, or NHS. 
The report reveals how mentally ill people have failed to get the right help at the time they need it.
One in four people in the UK experience mental health problems every year. But the taskforce set up to look into the state of mental health care says three quarters of people who need treatment aren’t receiving any help. 

Mental health problems include anxiety, depression and eating disorders.

And health workers are saying the failure to properly treat them is having a human and financial cost.
So, what’s being done to address mental health issues in the UK and around the world?
Presenter: Mike Hanna
Jacqui Dyer – Vice Chair of the Mental Health Taskforce and Co-Author of the report.
Crick Lund – CEO of PRIME, the Programme for Improving Mental Healthcare.
Peter Yaro – Executive Director of Basic Needs Ghana.