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Can the dream of Yemen’s revolution be salvaged?

Five years since the start of Yemen’s revolution, fighting continues.

It has been five years since Yemenis stood together to demand change and the resignation of long time president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

They had hoped it would be a fast beginning to a new era, but many Yemenis now say their revolution was hijacked by foreign powers and brought more poverty and conflict.

Almost a year ago, a Saudi led-coalition began bombing Houthi targets in the country.

The Saudis fear the rebels, who had taken over much of Yemen, are part of an expanding Iranian threat in the region.

The UN has called on all sides to find a diplomatic solution and has warned of a catastrophic humanitarian crisis.  

So, can the dream of Yemen’s revolution be salvaged?
And what will it take for Yemenis – and their many foreign backers – to make peace?

Presenter: Kamahl Santamaria


Baraa Shiban – Human rights activist, who was a member of Yemen’s National Dialogue process

Adam Baron – Visiting fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations

Mohammad Al Shami – Yemeni civil society activist