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How will a Trump presidency impact sanctions on Russia?

Moscow opted to wait for Trump’s move rather than retaliate after US expulsion of Russian diplomats.

US president Barack Obama slapped sanctions on Moscow and gave 35 Russian diplomats just 72 hours to leave the United States over alleged Russian interference in the US election.

Russia’s foreign minister recommended Moscow does the same, but Russian president Vladimir Putin decided against that.

Putin wants to know where President-elect Donald Trump stands on the issue.

US intelligence agencies accuse Russia of cyber attacks in the recent election aimed at helping Trump defeat Hillary Clinton for the presidency.

Trump has praised Putin’s leadership in the past – so will his first move in the White House be to lift the sanctions?

Presenter: Richelle Carey


Thomas Pickering – Former US ambassador to Russia and the UN

Mark Sleboda – International relations and security analyst

Lilit Gevorgyan – Russia economic analyst at the think-tank, IHS Markit