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Syria war crimes probe: Will anyone be charged?

UN votes to set up panel to investigate atrocities committed during nearly six years of war that have devastated Syria.

The UN General Assembly has voted to set up a panel to look into war crimes and human rights abuses committed during the nearly six-year-old Syrian war.

There has been no shortage of evidence of crimes carried out in Syria during the bloody conflict – both by the government and opposition fighters.

In no other conflict have so many atrocities been so widely seen and shared on television and social media.
More than half the population has been driven out of their homes, and nearly 400,000 people killed.

Residents have remained under siege and heavy bombardment for months at a time.

Children have starved after being denied food aid and health workers have struggled to treat victims of chemical weapon attacks.

But despite the world watching, the atrocities have continued with seeming impunity. So will the United Nations be able to hold those responsible to account, and will anyone be convicted under international law?

Presenter: Richelle Carey


Rodney Dixon – An international lawyer with experience in several international criminal courts

Ole Solvang – Deputy Director of the emergencies division at Human Rights Watch

Sharif Nashashibi – Award-winning journalist and Middle East analyst