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Will South Africa’s Jacob Zuma hang on to power?

There were calls from within the ruling ANC party for Zuma to resign amid public outrage over corruption accusations.

Jacob Zuma has had a long political career. 

He became the fourth president of a post-apartheid South Africa in 2009. But his time in office has been one of the most tumultuous in recent years.

Zuma has faced several accusations of corruption and now he may be losing support among his own party members.

So, what does it all mean for President Zuma and the ANC?

Presenter: Sohail Rahman


Thembisa Fakude – Researcher at the Al Jazeera Center For Studies and former Al Jazeera Bureau Chief for southern Africa.

Lawson Naidoo – Founding partner of the Paternoster Group and a former ANC activist.

Bantu Holomisa – Member of the South Africa parliament and former ANC National Executive Committee member.