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Why is Donald Trump against the TPP trade deal?

The US president-elect has promised to withdraw from the world’s largest free-trade agreement.

Donald Trump is not in office yet.

But he’s already announced what he will do on his first day in the White House, withdraw the US from the long-awaited Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.

This was one of the main pledges he made during this year’s bitterly fought presidential campaign.

The deal brings together some of the world’s biggest economies, in the hopes of creating a single market.

But what happens if the US pulls out? Is he rewriting global trade rules? And is it a sign of increasing protectionism?

Presenter: Martine Dennis


Malcolm Cook – Senior Fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies and a Specialist on the political Economy of East Asia.

Nick Dearden – Director of Global Justice Now, which campaigns on issues of global justice and development in the Global South.

Robert Kelly – Professor of International Relations at South Korea’s Pusan National University.


A demonstrator holds a placard that reads: "No to TPP" during a rally against the TPP trade deal in front of the Chilean Congress in Valparaiso city, Chile [REUTERS]

Despite the strategic imperative of ratifying the trade pact, it appears that deal’s approval is hanging by a thread.

opinion by J Berkshire Miller
Published On 15 Jun 2016
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