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Clinton v Trump: Where do they stand on Palestine?

Both US candidates have pledged their support for Israel but what does that mean for Palestinians and the peace process?

It’s been one of the most divisive and controversial election seasons in recent memory, dominated by scandals rather than policies, but in just over a week the United States will finally have its next president. 

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have disagreed on almost all domestic and foreign policy issues, but the one thing both candidates have in common is their unwavering support for Israel.

Both have met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and pledged their full support for his government, and during their campaigns the candidates have promised to continue supporting Israel’s military, which already gets more US foreign aid than any other country.

But what does that mean for Palestinians? And is the US still interested in the peace process?

Presenter: Kamahl Santamaria

Elie Jacobs – Hillary Clinton supporter and co-founder of the Jewish National Fund’s youth leadership group JNFuture.

J D Gordon – National security and foreign policy adviser to Donald Trump and a former Pentagon spokesman.

Mouin Rabbani – Senior fellow at the Institute for Palestine Studies and co-editor of Jadaliyya, an online magazine focusing on Middle East politics.