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How to deter refugees and migrants from risky journeys

The Italian coastguard rescued more than 10,000 refugees trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea this week.

It’s a crisis to which many of us have become desensitised.

And when people do talk about the refugee crisis, it’s mainly about people fleeing from Syria.

But thousands of African refugees and migrants are risking their lives every day to reach Europe. 

They cross the Mediterranean crammed in tiny rubber and wooden boats that often capsize, risking suffocation and drowning.

Around 10,000 refugees were rescued off the coast of Libya in just two days this week.

But more than 3,000 have died this year while attempting to reach Europe, most of them from Nigeria and Eritrea.

Italy’s coastguard and local aid groups have been working around the clock to save refugees.

But the Italian foreign minister said Europe needs a long-term solution, particularly one that encourages African countries to keep citizens at home.

So what should be done to deter refugees from taking the dangerous journey by sea?

Presenter: Adrian Finighan


Pierre Vimont – Senior associate at Carnegie Europe

Patricia Danzi – The Red Cross’s Regional Director for Africa

Sara Tesorieri – Policy and advocacy adviser for the Norwegian Refugee Council