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Can peace in Colombia be saved?

Voters reject the historic deal to end half a century of war with FARC rebels.

It was hailed as a done deal. But when Colombia’s peace agreement was put to a vote – the people said No. 

With a difference of less than 1 percent, they rejected the deal, calling it too forgiving.

About 260,000 people died during the war with FARC, which lasted more than half a century. Critics of the peace deal want justice. President Juan Manuel Santos is vowing to continue the search for peace.

But before the referendum he warned a “No” vote would return Colombia to war.

So, where does this leave the country?

Presenter: Hazem Sika


Arlene Tickner, professor of international relations at Rosario University.
Gimena Sanchez, Colombia human rights advocate at the Washington Office on Latin America.
Tom Long, professor at the University of Reading and specialist on US-Latin American relations.