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Is peace achievable in Yemen?

The UN wants to extend a three-day ceasefire in Yemen that all sides have been accused of violating.

After nearly two years of war in Yemen, the prospect of peace seems a distant one.

Both sides are blaming each other for violating a ceasefire which began on Wednesday.

The UN wants to extend that truce for another 72 hours but the violence is continuing.

The Arab coalition forces say Houthi rebels fired rockets that hit a school in Jizan City along Saudi Arabia’s border.

The rebels accuse their rivals of launching air strikes in Yemen’s Saada province, which is also situated at the border.

The ceasefire was supposed to allow in aid to ease the dire humanitarian crisis. It was also a way to find a diplomatic solution to the conflict.

But what will it take to bring peace? And how will this conflict affect the region?

Presenter: Sami Zeidan


Hussain Al Bukhaiti – supporter of Yemen’s Houthi rebels

Ahmed Alibrahim – Saudi affairs specialist

Sultan Barakat – specialist in war and conflict