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Does the ICC target African states?

South Africa plans to quit the International Criminal Court which is accused of bias against African countries.

First it was Burundi, now South Africa wants out.

It says it will withdraw from the International Criminal Court (ICC) – which was set up to prosecute those accused of serious crimes against humanity.

Several African states have accused the ICC of unfairly targeting the continent. Uganda’s president went so far as to call it “useless”.

South Africa’s decision comes a year after it was criticised for ignoring an order to arrest Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir while he was visiting the country.

The ICC has issued an arrest warrant for Bashir, who is accused of committing war crimes in Sudan’s Darfur region.

So is the ICC biased against African nations?

Presenter: Martine Dennis


Dewa Mavhinga – Senior researcher and head of South Africa Office, Human Rights Watch

Courtenay Griffiths – Former lead defence counsel for Charles Taylor.

Tom Maliti – Journalist specialising in the International Criminal Court.