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Warding off a refugee threat or challenging Brussels?

Hungarians vote on mandatory migrant quotas set by the European Union.

People in Hungary have voted in a referendum on the refugee quota system imposed by the European Union.

Government leaders in Budapest are challenging the scheme to resettle refugees in EU countries.

EU diplomats finalised plans in July to create a common asylum system and refugee resettlement scheme.

The draft law suggests all members should have the same rules of accepting asylum seekers and refugees. The crisis exposed differences among EU countries.

Each member is given a quota of refugees for resettlement based on its population and state of economy.

Under the scheme, Hungary would get around 1,300 out of 160,000 refugees.

The new system also imposes a $280,000 fine on EU states for every refugee they refuse to accept.

What will the referendum mean for the massive numbers of refugees in Europe?

Presenter: Hazem Sika

Gyorgy Schoepflin: MEP and Fidesz Party member

Bodo Weber: Democratization Policy Council

John Dalhuisen: Amnesty International