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From: Inside Story

Dismantling the social fabric of Iraq

Kurdish forces accused of conducting a campaign to uproot Arabs in northern Iraq.

Kurdish fighters are among the most trusted allies of the international coalition in the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group in Iraq – benefitting from military and political support. 

But they are also being accused of deliberately destroying thousands of Arab homes.

In another sign that the diverse society in Iraq is breaking down, an Amnesty International report says Kurdish forces have campaigned to forcibly displace Arab communities; bulldozing and blowing up Arab villages recaptured from ISIL.

The destruction is being seen as revenge for perceived Arab support for ISIL.

Amnesty says the Kurdish forces’ actions could amount to war crimes.

Inside Story discusses the fallout.

Presenter: Nick Clark


Donatella Rovera – Senior crisis response adviser for Amnesty International. Author and lead investigator of Amnesty’s report

Rebwar Fatah – Founder and managing director of Middle East Consultancy and Kurdish affairs specialist

Rahman Aljebouri – Senior programme officer for the Middle East and North Africa for the US National Endowment for Democracy