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How much support will Saudi Arabia win against Iran?

Riyadh seeks strong backing from Arab countries in its standoff with Tehran.

When the Arab League met in an emergency session on Sunday, tensions with Iran topped the agenda. Saudi officials accused Iran of interfering in Arab affairs and undermining regional security.

A day earlier, the Gulf countries had expressed full solidarity with Saudi Arabia and condemned the attacks on the Saudi embassy in Tehran. The Gulf leaders also said that antagonistic rhetoric from the Iranian government had directly caused those attacks.

Riyadh warned that Gulf countries could take additional measures in response to Iranian moves in the region.

Is this support enough? And how far is Saudi Arabia able to go in its row with Iran?

Presenter: Peter Dobbie


Ahmed Alibrahim – Saudi affairs specialist and security analyst.

Saeed Khan – Lecturer at the Department of Near East and Asian Studies, Wayne State University.

Mohammad Marandi – Professor at the University of Tehran.