From: Inside Story

Will more air strikes in Syria serve any purpose?

Britain says it carried out a drone strike but will air attacks help end the war in Syria or make it worse?

David Cameron’s government is under pressure to provide a legal basis for Britain’s recent drone attack inside Syria.

Two British citizens were killed in the attack, prompting a heated debate in the UK.

The two men were said to be preparing for attacks against the UK and the government said it acted in “self-defence”. And as the war in Syria continues, Australia and France say they too are willing to carry out air strikes inside Syrian territory. They say they will target ISIL fighters.

But what’s the legal basis behind these actions? And can they help end the war in Syria or make it worse?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Martin Reardon – Senior Vice President at the Soufan Group, an international strategic consultancy firm.

James Denselow – Fellow at the Centre for Syrian Studies.

Jennifer Gibson – lawyer for the UK civil rights group Reprieve.