Inside Story

Desperate journeys

Refugees cross into Germany after torturous journey from war-torn countries.

Europe’s refugee crisis is the story gripping the world.

We have seen incredible pictures showing tens of thousands of refugees in Greece – all the way to Germany – risking everything to escape war and persecution.

A deeply disturbing yet now iconic photo of a three-year-old Syrian boy who drowned on a Turkish beach, has become a symbol of their plight.

But scenes of thousands of refugees arriving in Germany – a dream destination for many – have provided some relief.

Still, confusion continues as European leaders remain divided over how to deal with the large number of refugees. They are yet to put forward a concrete or unified plan.

Hungary has taken a tough approach, while France and Germany are pushing for a common EU asylum system, with a permanent quota for each country.

The EU’s current migration policies seem to be crumbling.

So is Europe entering a brand new era of border policy? Who is in control and will it work?

Presenter: Sami Zeidan


Jeff Crisp – Honorary Adviser at Refugees International and former head of policy development at UNHCR.

Gauri Van Gulik – Deputy Director, Amnesty International in Europe and Central Asia.

Demetrios Papademtriou – co-founder and President of the Migration Policy Institute Europe.