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A second chance for Alexis Tsipras

Greek voters have again thrown their support behind the leader of the Syriza party.

Alexis Tsipras has returned to office as Greek prime minister after a decisive election victory on Sunday.

He said it’s a clear mandate to steer the battered Greek economy to recovery.

Tsipras won despite being abandoned by members of his left-wing party.

They were angry at his U-turn by agreeing to demands for more austerity measures to secure another massive international bailout.

In his victory speech, Tsipras promised to serve his full term and introduce a new phase of stability.

He will now face the challenges of driving through tough measures imposed by international lenders.

So, how will he fare this time around?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Dimitris Rapidis, director of Bridging Europe, a think-tank.

Petros Fassoulas, vice chairman of European Movement UK.

Dimitri Sotiropoulos, associate professor of political science at the University of Athens.