Inside Story

Crisis in Calais

Thousands of migrants are trying to break out of France and get into the UK – any way they can.

It is known as “The Jungle”.

A crowded makeshift camp, housing thousands of migrants.

It is close to the French entrance of the Channel Tunnel near the port of Calais.

Some migrants are seeking asylum in France.

Others are breaking down fences and storming the Eurotunnel rail terminal – jumping onto trains and trucks bound for Britain.

It is a desperate journey – with everything on the line – some have already died trying.

For the French and British governments, the immigration issue is causing endless headaches – and debate.

Nightly incursions by migrants, coupled with road blockades by striking ferry staff, have led to British haulage firms facing million dollar losses – and rising.

Presenter: Nick Clark


In Calais: Maya Konforti of L’Auberge des Migrants, a local migrant charity

In Tunbridge Wells in south east England: James Hookham, the deputy chief executive of Britain’s Freight Transport Association.

In Durham, also in Britain – Thom Brooks, a specialist in immigration policy and professor of law and government at Durham University.