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Refugees and Europe’s dilemma

As the refugee crisis in Europe worsens, its leaders are trading blame.

Hungary’s government has complained about the French foreign minister’s latest remarks on how it is dealing with refugees.

Laurent Fabius described as scandalous the attitude of a number of eastern European countries, particularly Hungary because of a barrier it is building along its border.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called on other European countries to do more, saying her country alone is expected to receive about 800,000 refugees this year.
The European Union has called for an emergency summit to discuss solutions to what it calls an unprecedented crisis.
But will Europeans reach a common solution for the crisis? And would restricting free movement across the continent be the answer?
Presenter: Mike Hanna
Michael Diedring – Secretary General for the European Council on Refugees and Exiles.
Alexander Betts – Director of the Refugee Study Centre at the University of Oxford.
Gabor Gyulai – Refugee Program Coordinator at the Hungarian Helsinki Committee.